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Founded in 2023, Mayfield Residential quickly established itself management of high-quality rental communities. Despite our recent inception, we are already known for our commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate sector in the multifamily industry.

At Mayfield Residential, our objective is to build communities that evoke a sense of home for our stakeholders. We appreciate a combination of diligent effort and a commitment to continuous learning. Becoming part of our team entails receiving support in your career journey, being inspired to develop, and being recognized for your contributions to our company. Our emphasis is on assisting you in achieving success and advancing professionally within our nurturing and vibrant environment.

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At Mayfield Residential, we're not just about building premier living spaces; we're also committed to developing top-tier talent. Our culture strongly focuses on internal promotion and growth, making continuous learning and development a key aspect of our business.
We cherish a mindset geared towards constant learning and seizing every opportunity to acquire new knowledge. To initiate your career with us, we provide innovative and supportive training programs designed for the professional growth of all team members. Plus, working with Mayfield Residential comes with the added benefit of a supportive community that values work-life balance, ensuring you grow not just professionally but also personally.

Cultivating Your Career Path

Mayfield Residential offers diverse career advancement opportunities. Employees gain valuable experience in construction, design, project management, and customer service, enhancing their skills and career prospects.

Professional Growth Opportunities

Mayfield Residential fosters a collaborative environment where employees work together across various departments. This approach builds a cohesive and supportive atmosphere, boosting job satisfaction and a sense of belonging and achievement.

Team-Oriented Culture

The company may offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, and performance incentives, making it an attractive employer for those seeking financial stability and long-term security.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits


Our Leadership

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Jesse Mayfield

​Jesse serves as a Managing Partner at Mayfield Residential. With roughly 15 years of institutional investment experience, he has established a track record of success in a myriad of commercial activities. Prior to founding Mayfield’s, Jesse was the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MCR Companies, a boutique Real Estate Private Equity firm focused on Healthcare Investment. During his tenure at MCR, Jesse co-owned Arizona Real Estate Advisors, a Phoenix-based Commercial Property Management Company. As the pivotal figure, he directed every facet of the business, hiring employees and managing performance ultimately leading to its successful acquisition in 2022. Before joining MCR, Jesse worked at Goldman Sachs in New York as an Investment Professional where he helped oversee and manage ~$5bn of investments for ultra-high net worth clients and family offices. Jesse earned an honors degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He also holds a Certificate in ESG Investing and is a Charterholder from the CFA institute. Beyond business, Jesse is passionate about amateur and professional golf, living a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with his family.

Alicia Landry

Alicia Landry, Co-Founder and President of Mayfield Residential, is a dedicated leader with over a decade of multifamily industry experience. Her journey in the world of real estate is characterized by her remarkable skill in adapting to diverse challenges and excelling in various roles. Throughout her career, Alicia has taken on a wide range of multifamily responsibilities, from spearheading exclusive lease-ups in new markets to stabilizing and optimizing undermanaged communities. Her expertise in the multifamily sector is underscored by a wealth of practical experience and a proven track record of success. One of Alicia’s most notable achievements is her pivotal role in overseeing the transition of over 12,000 units for clients across multiple management firms. Her exceptional management skills not only ensured a seamless transition process but also enhanced the value and efficiency of the properties under her stewardship.

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