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Celebrating Partnership: Mayfield Residential Joins Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Updated: Feb 23

Mayfield Residential & Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Exciting News! Mayfield Residential is now a proud member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, an institution that has been shaping the business landscape since 1888!


Founded by Jesse Mayfield and Alicia Landry in 2023, Mayfield Residential is more than a management firm; it's a symbol of community engagement and stakeholder capitalism. Now, as part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber, our commitment to excellence and community impact is even more significant.


The Chamber, growing Greater Phoenix for over 130 years, has been a pillar of support for businesses. From its inception in 1888, even before Arizona became a state, the Chamber focused on attracting settlers, building infrastructure, and improving the quality of life in the Valley.


Today, with a population of over four million people, the Greater Phoenix Chamber stands as the largest association of businesses in Arizona and one of the largest in the Southwestern United States, with more than 2,400 business members.


Being part of this journey with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce means joining a legacy that has shaped the Valley of the Sun. Here's to continued growth, collaboration, and success with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce!


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