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We are strategic operating partners serving institutional investors and their investments.

Multifamily Property Management

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Local Arizona Operators

Rooted in Phoenix Arizona, we are commercial property managers skilled in the day-to-day management of multifamily assets.

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Multifamily Focused

Multifamily properties are at the heart of Mayfield Residential, and for good reason. We’re not just managing spaces, we’re enriching lives. As operators, we’ve found our passion in creating communities that resonate with people. From our valued residents to dedicated vendors and hardworking employees, our management approach centers on real connections and tangible impact. As a people-centric business, we take pride in nurturing environments where individuals and families live and thrive. With a strong focus on sustainability and community betterment, we’re here to turn properties into places that truly matter. At Mayfield’s, our commitment is clear: we’re not just managing properties; we’re enhancing the very fabric of Phoenix, one community at a time.

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Mayfield Residential Administor


We manage various organizational and financial aspects of your investment. This means we share in the responsibility and strive to deliver excellence in budgeting, financial reporting, audit response, legal, lease and vendor management.

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Operations is mission critical to the success of your investment. Our highly skilled workforce provide meticulous daily oversight to both the physical and functional aspects of the property. These activities include property maintenance, tenant management, rent collection, lease enforcement, and overall property performance optimization.

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Transitions play a critical role in the value delivery process. The linchpin between property acquisition and optimized operations. Our approach to transitions encompasses a multi faceted strategy, starting with meticulous operational planning and execution, technology review, HR assessments, hiring of onsite staff contract management and vendor onboarding.

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Every owner has their unique business plan. It’s our job to help ensure a smooth and orderly value-add process. Whether you require comprehensive capital expense planning, the seamless execution of renovation projects, or the formulation of long-term development strategies, we’re here to provide the level of support that best suits your needs.

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Lease Up

The lease-up phase, especially in new construction, is where we excel. With a track record of over 3,000 units leased-up by our executive team, we have a deep understanding of the investor and investment’s needs. From the strategic initiation of phased launches and pre-leasing to the gradual transition through soft openings and the ultimate achievement of stabilization. Our ultimate aim is to rapidly and profitably fill every unit, ensuring your property’s success.

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Technology continues to disrupt traditional ways of doing business. Thus, we try to be agnostic as it relates to our technology stack. Our focus is on service and execution! Given the multitude of platforms available, it’s our responsibility to discern and deploy the best tech for us and our client’s business. Additionally, new disclosure requirements for investors regarding ESG continue to push innovation and data capture further. We have taken notice.

Our Array of Skills

We take pride in offering services that cover every dimension of institutional multifamily property management.

Our Process
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At Mayfield’s, we believe that the best  management models improve people’s lives as they improve the bottom line.

Schedule an Asset Review Call

We will conduct thorough due diligence and commence the process of familiarizing ourselves with every facet of your property's operations.

Get A Tailored Management Plan

We’ll propose a management plan that articulates our long-term vision, as well as our day-1 process in order to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Transition Your Property Management

We’ll bring the team, the plan, and the execution day-1. Our aim is to hit the ground running launching initiatives and installing new levers of business immediately. 



Our Leadership
Alicia Landry

Alicia Landry, Co-Founder and President of Mayfield Residential, is a dedicated leader with over a decade of multifamily industry experience. Her journey in the world of real estate is characterized by her remarkable skill in adapting to diverse challenges and excelling in various roles. Throughout her career, Alicia has taken on a wide range of multifamily responsibilities, from spearheading exclusive lease-ups in new markets to stabilizing and optimizing undermanaged communities. Her expertise in the multifamily sector is underscored by a wealth of practical experience and a proven track record of success. One of Alicia’s most notable achievements is her pivotal role in overseeing the transition of over 12,000 units for clients across multiple management firms. Her exceptional management skills not only ensured a seamless transition process but also enhanced the value and efficiency of the properties under her stewardship.

Alicia Landry of Mayfield Residential
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Jesse Mayfield of Mayfield Residential
Jesse Mayfield

​Jesse serves as a Managing Partner at Mayfield Residential. With roughly 15 years of institutional investment experience, he has established a track record of success in a myriad of commercial activities. Prior to founding Mayfield’s, Jesse was the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MCR Companies, a boutique Real Estate Private Equity firm focused on Healthcare Investment. During his tenure at MCR, Jesse co-owned Arizona Real Estate Advisors, a Phoenix-based Commercial Property Management Company. As the pivotal figure, he directed every facet of the business, hiring employees and managing performance ultimately leading to its successful acquisition in 2022. Before joining MCR, Jesse worked at Goldman Sachs in New York as an Investment Professional where he helped oversee and manage ~$5bn of investments for ultra-high net worth clients and family offices. Jesse earned an honors degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He also holds a Certificate in ESG Investing and is a Charterholder from the CFA institute. Beyond business, Jesse is passionate about amateur and professional golf, living a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with his family.

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Joining Mayfield Residential isn’t just about starting a job; it’s about embarking on a journey to improve people’s lives and strengthen our community. We are looking for individuals who will bring their Authentic selves to their work, continually strive for Excellence, and will prioritize Integrity first. As a part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where your skills are supported and talents celebrated. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, Mayfield Residential has a home for you.

Together Everyone Achieves More
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